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How to Replace timing chain on VW Passat 3C 1.8 FSI

Special tools

  • Camshaft adjuster control valve removal tool – No.T10352/1.
  • Crankshaft pulley holding tool – No.T10355.
  • Tensioner locking pin – No.T40011.

General precautions

  • Disconnect battery earth lead.
  • Remove spark plugs to ease turning engine.
  • Turn engine in normal direction of rotation (unless otherwise stated).
  • Observe tightening torques.
  • If fitted: Mark position of crankshaft position (CKP) sensor before removal.
  • Do NOT turn crankshaft via camshaft or other sprockets.
  • Do NOT turn crankshaft or camshaft with timing chain removed.

Valve timing procedures

How to Replace timing chain on VW Passat 3C 1.8 FSI
How to Replace timing chain on VW Passat 3C 1.8 FSI
  • Removal/installation of timing chain requires:
      • Oil pump chain removal.
  • Engine at TDC on No.1 cylinder [1] .

WARNING: Crankshaft sprocket not keyed to crankshaft.

  • Refit crankshaft pulley bolt with spacer.
  • Remove inlet camshaft adjuster control valve (LH thread) [2] .
  • Remove exhaust camshaft sprocket bolt and washer [3] .
  • Remove camshaft support bracket [4] .
  • Ensure coloured or painted chain links aligned with timing mark on each camshaft sprocket [5] .
  • Ensure balancer shaft timing marks aligned [6] .
  • Ensure balancer shaft gear timing marks aligned [7] .

NOTE: Alignment of balancer shaft gear timing marks occurs every seventh turn.

  • Ensure crankshaft sprocket timing marks aligned [8] & [9] .
  • Reset tensioner [10] :
      • Release locking mechanism using a suitable tool [11] .
      • Push plunger into tensioner housing [12] .
      • Insert tensioner locking pin [13] .
  • Remove pin to release timing chain tensioner plunger [13] .

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