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Replace Timing Belt Manuals

What is a timing belt?

Timing belt is used to synchronize the camshaft and crankshaft . Often the water pump is driven by the timing belt too (around 60% of cars).
The timing belt is a classic wearing part as brakes, spark plugs or bearings . Around 75 % of all European cars have timing belt. The crack of a belt may cause engine damage .

It must be replaced after certain intervals (depends on the manufacturer). The replacement of the timing belt should not be delayed in any case.
It is important to change tension rollers and pulleys when replacing a timing belt. It is also recommended to replace the water pump if it’s driven by the belt.

How to notice the tearing of the belt?

A small jolt, speed drops, the oil control lights, the car stops. The ride is so definitely ended. In many cases, the motor is damaged. A timely change is important and necessary!

Advantages of timing belt

The timing belt is quiet, cheaper and easier compared to the timing chain.
By self-lubricating nature it requires no additional lubrication. It also leads to a lower friction.

Disadvantages of timing belt

A timing belt needs periodically a control. Furthermore, the timing belt should be replaced at a specified by the manufacturer mileage. Therefore, the slightly higher maintenance costs are certainly one of the disadvantages of a timing belt.

How to replace a timing belt?

There are two possibilities: you can make in a workshop or even change by yourself.

If you want to do it yourself , on our website you will find Step by Step guides for many models.
If your vehicle is not listed, you can request manual for your car Here

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