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How to replace timing chain in cylinder Head on Ford C-MAX 2.0 TDCi 2007-2010

Special tools

  • Camshaft sprocket locking tool – Ford No.303-735.
  • Flywheel timing pin – Ford No.303-1059.
  • Flywheel locking tool – Ford No.303-393.
  • Flywheel locking tool adaptor – Ford No.303-393-01.
  • Tensioner locking tool – Ford No.100-010.

How to replace timing chain on Ford C-MAX 2.0 TDCi 2007-2010

General precautions

  • Disconnect battery earth lead.
  • Remove glow plugs to ease turning engine.
  • Turn engine in normal direction of rotation (unless otherwise stated).
  • Observe tightening torques.
  • If fitted: Mark position of crankshaft position (CKP) sensor before removal.
  • Do NOT turn crankshaft via camshaft or other sprockets.
  • Do NOT turn crankshaft or camshaft with timing chain removed.

Valve timing procedures

  • Removal/installation of timing chain requires:
      • Timing belt removal.
      • Camshaft housing removal.
  • Ensure flywheel timing pin located correctly [1] .
  • Ensure flywheel locking tool installed [2] .
  • Ensure camshaft sprocket locking tool located correctly [3] .
  • Align coloured chain links with timing mark on each sprocket [4] & [5] .
  • Lock tensioner in retracted position:
      • Push plunger into tensioner housing [6] and insert tensioner locking tool [7] .
  • Remove tensioner locking tool [7] to release timing chain tensioner plunger.


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